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Tax id for Hospital in 5010 837 `REF*EI*123456789~` not showing up correctly in UB04Claim object.

Oct 18, 2013 at 12:10 AM
Edited Oct 24, 2013 at 10:20 PM
Actually this is more of an issue so I am pushing a copy of this question of there. This can be deleted.

First, Thanks for this tool it is truly awesome.

I am using
ClaimDocument document = service.Transform837ToClaimDocument(stream.BaseStream);
and then working on each claim
foreach (Claim claim in document.Claims)
From there I am turning each claim into a UB04
UB04Claim Ub04 = _transformation.TransformClaimToUB04(claim);
and then using the UB04 object to load into my DB.

I am not getting any data in the Ub04.Field05_FederalTaxId field.
below is the x12 snippet that contains the Hospital Information (de identified):

NM1*85*2*SPRINGFIELD HOSPITAL*****XX*1234567890~
N3*123 FAKE ST~

The tax id for the hospital: REF*EI*987654321~ is showing up in Ub04.Field57_OtherProviderIdA.

If you fix this please let me know where. Or can you direct me where I would find the code and I'll take a stab at it.

Thanks much, Doug Schmidt

P.S On a side not the process that outputs a pdf of the 5010 claim isn't working quite correct as well. My code is as follows.

XmlDocument foDocument = new XmlDocument();
string foXml = service.TransformClaimDocumentToFoXml(document);
var driver = Fonet.FonetDriver.Make();
driver.Render(foDocument, @"c:\temp\FileName.pdf"); I have several PDFs of the originals printed at the hospital and the created PDF with your parser with comments written on them from the billers in the company I work for. Not sure if I can de identify them but I'm sure I can find a way if you would like me to send the PDFs to you.

Thanks again.