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Comments on your design

Dec 23, 2012 at 2:42 AM

I am very impressed by your design approach and understanding of X12.

X12 is one of those old artifacts of computer history that OO developers are frustrated by.

All those codes and loops and for what?

I get the history of the compression algorithm.  And I get the desire to convert the data to XML.

The flat file folks (which I sorta am) like simple file structures with defined schema's.

I am currently working on ways to create functional transactions from HIPAA 834 files.

Our development team is thinking of deploying a rules engine on top of an X12 parser.

Its my belief that "the points of variability" come from the trading partners not from the file


Lastly - I am sick of one of commercial products that try to "handle" HIPAA transactions.

Just my thoughts before Christmas.  And Kudo's for a really clear design pattern.





Feb 17, 2013 at 7:09 PM
Yes, you are correct about the variables due to trading partners.
The transactions that are part of HIPAA are somewhat more stable because of their requirement to work with the government (mostly CMS).

The other transactions have very general specifications, but then trading partners publish their own companion guides with exactly what they expect. Since I didn't have spare cash to buy all the x12 specifications, they are mostly done with what I could gather off the internet. Hopefully it will meet most developers expectations and is easily adaptable so that you can meet your trading partner's companion guides.

Thanks for the compliment.