Multiple HL1 loops in 811 causes Out of Memory Exception

I have a file that is ~120mb, I know that the X12Parser can handle larger as I also parse files that are 200+mb without an issue. The issue I'm running into is that the file has Multiple HL1 loops...

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problem in parsing 10 gb edi file

Hi dstrubhar, I am using oopfactory for parsing my edi file of 10gb to xml. I tried two approaches both are giving memory exceptions a) unbundle option to break in smaller components. b) With Bat...

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while deserializing 271 response to EligibilityBenefitResponse type information is not available for Entity

This is an issue with xslt that is being used to parse 271 response to Eligibility Benefit Response object the solution that takes care of this issue is here. put following snippet in xslt and it ...

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Memory exception parsing 820 to XML

Getting a memory exception parsing an 820 to XML. The input file is approx 28 mb. Here is the code that does the parsing(the exception occurs at when it attempts to serialize): Function Parse820t...

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X12 Version 5010

I'm currently using version 4010. Where do I download the schemas for 5010 and what do I need to do to upgrade? Any pointers are appreciated.

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Unable To Export CAS In 835

I'm using the "OopFactory.EDI835Parser" project off your documentation page, which shows how to convert to CSV, and to convert to formatted XML for excel. I'm trying to export CAS data using the b...

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EligibilityBenefitInquiry is still with TO DO code

I was trying to create a EligibilityBenefitInquiry object (it is still in TO DO state). Any plans when it would be implemented. Also I couldn't find enum for Reference Identification, Provider Code...

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FormattedCode() doesn't work correctly for ICD-10

OopFactory.X12.Hipaa.Claims.Diagnosis.FormattedCode() doesn't correctly format ICD-10 codes.

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810 - (4010/5010) TDS/ISS out of order?

Are these two fields swapped? Several EDI validators are complaining. We are doing an integration with Walmart and the sample found below has ISS BEFORE TDS:

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Which class is trying to add end segments?How do we make sure that end segments are as per SPEC?

GE segment (End of Funtional Group Loop) GE02 doesn't have control number 789 and instead has 1. How can we add control number in GE02? Below piece of 270 output should have GE1789 instead. ISA00 ...

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