Issue in the 856 (ASN) Transformation with CTT Segment

I downloaded 3.0.8 and tried X12 to XML for an 856 ASN. I ran into Issue 1508. This was supposedly fixed way back when as indicated in this comment: dstrubhar wrote Feb 17, 2013 at 1:35 PM You a...

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BUG on ParseMultiple

Hi, We have an ANSI file with multiple ISA-IEA 835's, however the segment separator (position 106) value is different from one 835 to the next. It appears that your parser (ParseMultiple functio...

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Patient Date of Death and Patient Pregnancy Indicator are missing Claim Document for 837 claim file

On parsing 837 claim file, we are not getting patient pregnancy indicator and patient date of death are not available in ClaimDocument C# object.

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Getting Exception while building 835

Hi there, I am trying to build 835 using Interchange object using OopFactory. I written below lines of code. var message = new Interchange(Convert.ToDateTime("01/01/03"), 000905, false) ...

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I'm just starting to deal with EDI, so I'm a total newb and I'm trying to get a handle on it. I've written a simple app to go through the POs that we get and I'm dumping information about the inte...

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Not able to parse the following ASN 856 file

Please see the attached file the ASN sample.

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X12 997 Acknowledge

It's possible to create an X12 997 Acknowledge as the same base of X12 999. I tried to program, but I'm facing problems to make AK5 response.

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Failed DB Import on Recycled Interchange Control Number

We are using X12Parser to import X12 417 documents from a rail carrier into database form. This works great, except the rail carrier recycles Interchange Control Numbers every 2 months and we reta...

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Please add a 277ca Claim Ack

Please add a 277ca claim acknowledgment response. Thanx.

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TypedSegmentCTP.CTIP04_Quantity - Typo?

The CTIP04_Quantity property on the TypedSegmentCTP class shouldn't have the "I" in the name.

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