Parsing Edi to Json and back to X12

Greetings. Let me first preface my post that I'm fairly new to working with EDI and the X12 format. I'm attempting to parse a JSON based version of a previously parsed X12 string BACK into a vali...

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862 specification

Issue with 862 parameter My customers' files all contain "UNT" and not "UIT" as listed in your description. Is this an error on my customer's part or a bug? What is the standard?

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Parsing EDI crashes with null delimiters when running under mono

When running on Linux using mono I get a crash trying to parse any EDI document. For example the below results in the attached error.log. mono --debug src/OopFactory.X12.X12Parser/bin/Debug/X12Pa...

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Development of 837 Institutional(837I)

Hi, I am in development of 837 Institutional using OopFactory X12.I am using 3.08 version of this.How to use SV2 - INSTITUTIONAL SERVICE LINE(LOOP 2400 — SERVICE LINE NUMBER) and CL1 Institutional...

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X12.HIPAA: HSD segment is ignored in Translation to Eligibility Response Format.

The existing file handles Quantity but only when the value comes from EB09/EB10. There is an alternative way to specify this quantity in the form of the HSD segment. The HSD segment is represented ...

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ANSI 856-4010 Specification

Per the discussion I posted a couple of years ago (, there is an issue parsing 856 - Advanced Ship Notice documents using this project. Looking at ...

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TransformToX12.exe preserves XML whitespace between nodes

I am really happy to have found this project and am very grateful for the work put in to it. One thing I noticed is that whitespace between XML nodes is preserved when using TransformToX12. I beli...

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Multiple HL1 loops in 811 causes Out of Memory Exception

I have a file that is ~120mb, I know that the X12Parser can handle larger as I also parse files that are 200+mb without an issue. The issue I'm running into is that the file has Multiple HL1 loops...

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problem in parsing 10 gb edi file

Hi dstrubhar, I am using oopfactory for parsing my edi file of 10gb to xml. I tried two approaches both are giving memory exceptions a) unbundle option to break in smaller components. b) With Bat...

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while deserializing 271 response to EligibilityBenefitResponse type information is not available for Entity

This is an issue with xslt that is being used to parse 271 response to Eligibility Benefit Response object the solution that takes care of this issue is here. put following snippet in xslt and it ...

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