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Error when Importing 835 into SQL 2008

Jan 22, 2015 at 5:51 PM
Edited Jan 22, 2015 at 5:52 PM
I don't have this problem on SQL 2014 Express, but when I moved to my production server which is running SQL 2008 I am receiving this error:
OopFactory.X12.ImportX12.exe Error: 0 : Error parsing C:\Temp\Inbound\CO_150111_77016_O_302583_124467_835_124467_835.001: Column, parameter, or variable #24: Cannot find data type date.
   at System.Data.SqlClient.SqlConnection.OnError(SqlException exception, Boolean breakConnection, Action`1 wrapCloseInAction)
   at System.Data.SqlClient.SqlInternalConnection.OnError(SqlException exception, Boolean breakConnection, Action`1 wrapCloseInAction)
   at System.Data.SqlClient.TdsParser.ThrowExceptionAndWarning(TdsParserStateObject stateObj, Boolean callerHasConnectionLock, Boolean asyncClose)
   at System.Data.SqlClient.TdsParser.TryRun(RunBehavior runBehavior, SqlCommand cmdHandler, SqlDataReader dataStream, BulkCopySimpleResultSet bulkCopyHandler, TdsParserStateObject stateObj, Boolean& dataReady)
   at System.Data.SqlClient.SqlCommand.RunExecuteNonQueryTds(String methodName, Boolean async, Int32 timeout, Boolean asyncWrite)
   at System.Data.SqlClient.SqlCommand.InternalExecuteNonQuery(TaskCompletionSource`1 completion, String methodName, Boolean sendToPipe, Int32 timeout, Boolean asyncWrite)
   at System.Data.SqlClient.SqlCommand.ExecuteNonQuery()
   at OopFactory.X12.Repositories.DbCreation`1.ExecuteCmd(SqlCommand cmd)
   at OopFactory.X12.Repositories.DbCreation`1.CreateIndexedSegmentTable(SegmentSpecification spec, String commonSchema)
   at OopFactory.X12.Repositories.SqlTransactionRepository`1.EnsureSchema()
   at OopFactory.X12.Repositories.SqlTransactionRepository`1.Save(Interchange interchange, String filename, String userName)
   at OopFactory.X12.ImportX12.Program.Main(String[] args)
Any help would be appreciated.
May 14, 2015 at 8:18 AM
Hi ,

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I have seen your description is that you can able to convert/upoad the X12 file to sql database, please help me to share if you have code for convert/upoad the X12 file to sql database.. please help me, i am a beginner i need a code for assignment...

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